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1204 Frankford Avenue
North Philadelphia, PA, 19125
United States

(267) 928 3176

Amrita Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of Yoga traditions, Pilates Mat, Pilates Group Reformer, Tai Chi, and Massage services in a beautiful space. Our studio is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jump & Jam Rebounding

Looking for a fun, new way to get fit and have a blast! Check out Rebounding trampoline fitness classes at Amrita Yoga & Wellness in Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA.


Jump & Jam Rebounding

Move your body at Amrita Yoga & Wellness

Rebounding at amrita

What is rebounding?

Rebounding is an elastically leveraged low-impact exercise. To put it simply, rebounding is trampoline based workout, where students perform a series of small, controlled movements.

Basic moves covered in class are bouncing in place, jumping jacks, twists, side motions, running in place, and other aerobics, with or without the use of hand-weights and other props to intensify the work out. Rebounding also incorporates non-aerobic exercises, such as push-ups, planks, and crunches.

Looking for a fun, new way to get fit & have a blast?!

We are excited to announce that we have added small group rebounding classes! Join Timothy Karsten four our Jump & Jam Rebounding classes every Monday night at 6:30pm & Thursday at 12:00pm for the funnest workout set to the best tunes! 

What are the benefits of rebounding?

  • Strengthened cells

  • Increased Lymph Flow & Immune System Function

  • Cardiovascular & Respiratory Improvement

  • Physical Strength, Muscular Development, Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility

  • Low Impact, Less Strain on Joints, Soft Tissue, and Skeleton

Jump & Jam classes are now included in our regular Group Yoga/Mat Pilates pricing. View all our pricing options HERE.

*Please Note: Late cancels and no shows for Jump and Jam classes are subject to a $10 fee.