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1204 Frankford Avenue
North Philadelphia, PA, 19125
United States

(267) 928 3176

Amrita Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of Yoga traditions, Pilates Mat, Pilates Group Reformer, Tai Chi, and Massage services in a beautiful space. Our studio is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



As of January 2019 we have switched from MindBody to Glofox


  • What about my current class cards, memberships, & month unlimited passes?

We have hired and worked extensively with the GloFox team to correctly import ALL class cards, memberships, & month unlimited passes. In the event that you see a discrepancy in ANY package that you currently have within the Mindbody platform we will do our best to rectify the issue while we still have access to Mindbody online. PLEASE NOTE: all requests in regards to discrepancies must be brought to our attention no later than 2/1/2019. As of that date we will no longer have access to the Mindbody platform and will not be able to confidently make/offer any adjustments!

  • What about my personal and credit card information?

    We have hired Mindbody, GloFox, & Stripe to expertly export & import ALL of your stored information in a secured and seamless way! Again, if you find any issues with your account after 12/17/18, please bring it to our attention no later than 2/1/2019 so we can contact the parties responsible to make any corrections in a timely manner!

  • What about my outstanding positive account balance?

    Unfortunately, the GloFox platform does not support positive account balances at this time. We have put in a request with their developers to hopefully make this a function in the near future. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL LOSE USE OF YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE! In the meantime, we will be managing all positive account balances manually at the front desk until they are gone! NO additional money can be added to accounts as of 12/15/18 until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope this is just a temporary adjustment!

  • What about the reservations I have made for future dates via the Mindbody online platform or App?

    From 12/17/18-12/21/18 we will be doing our best to assimilate ALL pre-booked reservations into the GloFox platform. We can not guarantee that all reservations will be transferred. We ask that if you are someone who schedules your classes out in advance on Sunday December 16 you cancel ALL of your future reservations and on Monday December 17 you re-enter them via the GloFox links on our website! Unfortunately, we do not have the time or man power to manage everyone’s accounts. We will do our best to be supportive in this way, but it is your responsibility to manage your reservations. In the event of a discrepancy or oversight we will do our best to make sure that everyone has access to classes although we can not make any guarantee. We understand this may pose a temporary inconvenience and we thank you in advance for you support, understanding and kindness through this transition.

  • What about an unused gift card I have?

    Please know we will be printing as many reports as possible to keep track of purchases and current, valid gift cards via the Mindbody system. Unfortunately we are NOT able to transfer this data into the GloFox platform. We will be managing ALL purchases of and current (not expired) gift cards manually at the front desk. If you have a gift card you have been meaning to use, please stop into the studio and use it no later than 2/1/2019 for the best service! If you have an expired gift card, after 12/22/18 we will NOT be able to access that information or honor any outstanding values of expired gift cards!!!!

  • I am a ClassPass user, will I still be able to attend classes at Amrita?

    YES! The GloFox platform is synced with ClassPass so you will still be able to use your current ClassPass membership. Although, we have not received communication back from ClassPass in regards to any pre-scheduled reservations and if they will seamlessly move over or not. We apologize in advance if this causes any confusion or inconvenience. We thank you in advance for your patience and kindness in the event that issues arise and we need to sort them out with the ClassPass system and their independent policies.

  • I normally make my reservations via Zenrez, is that still an option?

    Unfortunately, Zenrez is not currently supported by GloFox. BUT, we have begun the conversation with both companies to see if we can implement Zenrez with GloFox in the near future. Zenrez will NO longer be available for use as of Sunday December 14, 2018! We apologize for the inconvenience and hope this is only temporary!

  • I use the Mindbody App for all of my reservations, will I still be able to find Amrita on the app?

    Since we are leaving the Mindbody software platform you will no longer find Amrita Yoga & Wellness listed on their branded app and will no longer be able to make any reservations or purchases through their branded app.

  • I use the Amrita branded app for all of my reservations or purchases, will I still be able to use it?

    As of Sunday December 17, 2018 you will NO longer be able to use the current Amrita branded app. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Apple will be able to launch our NEW, better performing & user friendly app on Monday December 18, 2018! PLEASE NOTE: we are not able to guarantee a launch date with the Apple Developer Program so there may be a bit of a lapse with app use for purchases and class reservations. We apologize for the inconvenience!

All of us at Amrita hope this is helpful. We are excited for these new changes and hope you are too. As mentioned before, please do not hesitate to contact us through this transition with any questions or concerns. All of our management staff will be working extra hard to make this as smooth of a process as possible for everyone involved. We thank YOU in advance for your patience, cooperation, and continued support!

With Gratitude,

Heather Rice, Director, E-RYT200