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Amrita Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of Yoga traditions, Pilates Mat, Pilates Group Reformer, Tai Chi, and Massage services in a beautiful space. Our studio is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lakshmi Layover: A Retreat for Yoga Teachers

Lakshmi Layover: The Sadhana of Cultivating Prosperity

Join Meg Townsend & Heather Rice

August 24-28, 2017

SpiritFire Retreat Center Leyden, MA


Clarity, Intention, Practice, and Determination…..these are some of the qualities that are required for success in the world of teaching yoga. Being a thriving yoga teacher takes more than just teaching a great class. You’re an entrepreneur, marketing guru, a guide, a selfless servant to the practice of yoga, and a protector of ancient wisdom. 

Just as the practice of yoga is a co-creation with Divine energy, so is the practice and business of being a leader in the teaching world. We invite you to join us on this special retreat to hone in on the skills needed to step into your seat as the navigator of your dreams within your career! From this seat you’ll have the power and knowledge to cultivate prosperity and a beautiful, long-lasting relationship with your role as an influential yoga teacher on and off the mat. 

With the support of Meg Townsend (co-founder of Aluna Adventures) and Heather Rice (founder & director of Amrita Yoga & Wellness) who have over 20 years combined experience in the Yoga world….you’ll be guided through workshops, Q&A sessions, and exercises to help you gain Clarity on how to thrive in the ever-changing business world of yoga.

In this 4-night layover (a period of rest before a further stage in a journey) be nourished by the nature of Leyden, Massachusetts at SpiritFire Retreat Center. Give yourself the time and space to rejuvenate and reconnect to your body and mind. Get clear on what prosperity looks like for you on all levels of your being. Connect to the things that bring you joy and how you can channel those gifts into your teaching. Learn how to create a teaching career that supports you: in staying true to your core values, aligning you with what truly calls you to be in service, and cultivates abundance in many areas of your life!

Based on your needs, the training will include exploration of topics like:

  • Designing workshops
  • Sharpening your marketing skills
  • Identifying and breaking through money blocks
  • The ethics of being a yogi in business
  • Teaching private clients
  • Crafting a life schedule that serves your needs

Early Bird Investment: $997* (ends June 15)
Regular Investment: $1,197*

*Pricing includes shared room, meals, and retreat. Transportation is not provided!

Only 10 spaces available!!!

Application Period Closes on July 10, 2017!!!

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